Lifelike Siberian Husky Stuffed Animal

In the past decade, ICE KING BEAR are dedicated to creat high-guality soft toy for babies and kids.Every single product and each component abided “accompany your children grow, improve its intellectual development,safe environmental protection” concept.In the toy design process,we start from the children’s ideas,give full play to their creativity and innovative.Therefore we will update 35% of the product every year.

The exquisite design, the quality of the work on the toys, long-term operational integrity and good service well receive by the broad masses of the trust. Because our mission is pay attention to every detail and want to supply the best toy to you.

Our Siberian Husky Stuffed Animal Toy is realistic and soft.This siberian husky is a great plush dog and also makes a neat unique gift for kids on birthday or holiday like Christmas.Children will like this grey stuffed husky.

husky stuffed animal

Siberian Husky

Best stuffed toy for kids

Siberian husky dog is very close to the wolf's bloodline, so it looks like a wolf very much and has thicker hair than most dogs.Compared with the Alaskan dog, siberian husky is lighter and more elegant.

We designed the husky according to its characteristic, and we also taken care of the softness and comfort.

We refer to the following features:

  • Light, vigorous and muscular body
  • Realistic grey fabric, very fine and soft
  • Erect ears and a thick, long tail
  • Bright eyes, very cute expression

Siberian sled dogs
Siberian sled dogs

The Huskies were originally used for sledding, participating in large-scale hunting activities, protecting villages, and guiding reindeer and guards. Moreover, working in the harsh environment of Siberia. The Siberian Husky has been growing alone in the Siberian region for centuries. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was brought to the United States by a fur trader. Soon, the dog became the champion of the world-famous sled race.

stuffed husky

Instructions to the Player or Photography fans

In addition to the lying posture, this huskies can also be placed in a standing posture by slightly bending the base of the hind legs.Due to the soft body, this process takes a little time.But the standing huskies are more lifelike, lovely and surprising.

It's a good photography model whether it's lying or standing.

husky girls

Kids best friend

The Siberian Husky is gentle and friendly to humans. This realistic husky stuffed toy is a great way to exercise your kids' ability and can accompany them.Children like to play with it and take photos together.

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