Cute Sailfish Stuffed Animal Large

In the past decade, ICE KING BEAR are dedicated to creat high-guality soft toy for babies and kids.Every single product and each component abided “accompany your children grow, improve its intellectual development,safe environmental protection” concept.In the toy design process,we start from the children’s ideas,give full play to their creativity and innovative.Therefore we will update 35% of the product every year.

The exquisite design, the quality of the work on the toys, long-term operational integrity and good service well receive by the broad masses of the trust. Because our mission is pay attention to every detail and want to supply the best toy to you.

Our Large Sailfish Stuffed Animal Toy is big and super soft.This cute fish is a great stuffed toy and also makes a neat unique gift for babies and kids on birthday or holiday like Christmas.Children will like this blue sailfish stuffed toy.

sailfish stuffed animal toy pillow


The fastest swimming fish

Swordfish are characterized by large, flag-like dorsal fins.Sailfish will put down the dorsal fins while swimming fast.

Sailfish and swordfish are very similar and have a long, sharp mouth. Their dorsal fins and backs are as blue as the sea.

Our stuffed swordfish use flexible&ultra-soft fabrics and embroidery. There are no hard parts in the body, it is good for children to play or sleep.

My design features are as follows:

  • Large dorsal fin
  • A mouth like a sword
  • Sea blue back and dorsal fin
  • Super soft & without any hard plastic parts
  • Kids' best firend
sail fish stuffed toy pillow
Flexible & ultra-soft fabrics

This sailfish is very soft and it is a pleasure to hold it. It can accompany us on the sofa to read a book, or accompany us to sleep. Excellent!

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