Funny Rabbit Stuffed Toy

In the past decade, ICE KING BEAR are dedicated to creat high-guality soft toy for babies and kids.Every single product and each component abided “accompany your children grow, improve its intellectual development,safe environmental protection” concept.In the toy design process,we start from the children’s ideas,give full play to their creativity and innovative.Therefore we will update 35% of the product every year.

The exquisite design, the quality of the work on the toys, long-term operational integrity and good service well receive by the broad masses of the trust. Because our mission is pay attention to every detail and want to supply the best toy to you.

Our White Bunny Stuffed Animal Toy is funny and soft.This lovely bunny is a great toy and also makes a neat unique gift for the kids and the young on birthday or holiday like Christmas. For them, this cute bunny stuffed toy is a surprise.

rabbit stuffed animal plush toy

White Bunny Stuffed Animal Toy

What is the recommended age of the manufacturer?

The quality of our products is very excellent, the touch age can be all ages.But we suggest the play ages is 6 years and up. Because it needs a certain amount of force to push the air bag. Of course, we can also use it as a puppet to perform for little kids.

Will this doll be too heavy?

No, it weighs about 300 grams.It's about the same weight as ordinary plush toys.

Is this toy easy to break down?

It can be used and played for many years. However, due to the installation of pneumatic devices, it is better not to pull hard, which will damage the internal pneumatic devices.

Usage scenarios

  • Festival or birthday gift for kids & lover
  • Party show to friends or classmates
  • Make the baby happy

funny bunny stuffed animal plush toy

Instructions for play

  • The rabbit's ears are raised by an internal pneumatic device.We control the ears of the rabbit by operating the airbags in the abdomen.
  • When you press the airbag, the ears will turn up, and then the ears will drop slowly. if you want the ears to drop quickly, just loosen the airbag.
  • When you repeatedly press and release, the rabbit's ears will continue to upward and drop down.So cute.
  • Of course, it takes a certain amount of force to push the air bag.

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